Artistic Design Assignment


Collaboration: Karl Georg Staffan Björk

We Like Art

The work of Malin Persson (born 1978 in Gränna, Sweden) hinges subtly between the abstract and the figurative. Her abstract subjects can often be traced back to her memories of the landscape, rather than to imaging the actual landscape. Up to 2005, Persson largely drew on images from books or magazines: “I used to look for images that could conjure up the feeling and impression of a landscape, so I was often on my travels, to Poland and Britain, in search of dusky, melancholy landscapes and moments where time seemed to stand still.”* This gave rise to a figurative effect in her paintings of that period. From 2005 onwards, she began to abstract the landscape, drawing inspiration from imagery she found online that had wormed its way into her memory. The paintings of her abstract period now only reproduce a sense of landscape and nature, and Persson is well aware of the effect of colour in them. It is up to the viewer to interpret them or not.

* De Vries, M. (2008, 6 August). Beelden zijn voor mij belangrijk, maar ik wil er niet te veel. De Volkskrant,<.i> p. 14.