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Malin Persson (1978) was born in Zweden and completed her degree in painting and sculpting at the Örebro College of Art in Örebro. In 2000 she moved to Amsterdam and continued her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She was selected for the two-year residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (2005-2006) and won The Royal Award for Modern Painting in 2007.

The work of Malin Persson is represented in several international collections, among which: De Nederlandsche Bank, Jönköping Komun, Akzo Nobel Art Collection, Océ Art Collection and Caldic Collection, and has been exhibited in various galleries and museums.


My work mainly revolves around one theme: the landscape from my native Sweden. This landscape appears in many different forms, most notably in my abstract paintings, in which the landscape is reduced to a pattern of numerous squares. The creative process is revealed in diptychs and consists of a figurative canvas – a literal rendering of a landscape – and an abstract canvas, where the characteristic grid represents the image.

When I’m working on a painting I’m dealing with thoughts and questions like: how do organic and abstract shapes function next to each other? Can my expressions create something that does not have to be reduced to a an opposition like figurative or abstract? My work is expressing inner images and transformed images. To me these are more meaningful definitions than figurative or abstract.
My work is often about places and situations I experienced. This can be just a view of a insignificant small pound. Out of such a familiar theme I try to create something intriguing. When I was traveling through Poland, I once took a picture of a pound, that looked a bit like a palette. The shape of the water inspired me to make several diptychs of the view. I try to recall the feeling I had standing along the road looking at the shape and surface of this pound. The surroundings were mirrored in the bright water and sometimes were blurred by a soft wind. The area around the pound had a unreal fluffy texture. Through my attempts to recall these kind of  moments, I play with elements from a landscape I visited.
I have been painting for many years, but don’t have a single word that can explain the drive and passion that keeps me going back in time and discover and create new “views”. While my traditional background as a painter is preoccupied with composition, distance, graduation and contrast, you could say that the modern shapes I add, have the function of a Pythagorean tree, where the squares grow like mutations on the canvas, following a geometric system we normally can’t see, but know is present.
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