The computer would have a clear central place in the new modern school and learning system. I saw the Art assignment in the foyer as a puzzle to fit into the idea of the building and entrance. It would fit into the modern vision at the same time touch the traditional expression within painting. I had working on topics like Day, Twilight, Night and Dawn. I think it was important to let the light from outside reflect in the paintings. In my painting in 2006 at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam, a pixel-like landscape took shape. In these paintings, only the colour and the feeling of the landscape are expressed. I worked at the Rijksakademie with soft colours alongside with stronger ones, like sunlight reflected in water. The link to the computerized image built up with pixels struck me when I sat down and tried to find a connection between a picture made in the computer and one that is painted directly on the canvas, one can say that colour from a painting tube may have the same function as Photoshop. Often artists work with a photo or digital image, and from the subject the artwork is created. In my case the image appears in my memory and the search for the image actually starts. Then I always ask what I want with the picture and how I can use it in a painting. The idea can take a new form through annotations or that the image from my memory has applied new interpretations. Rarely happens my tool is the computer. In this case I used the computer to create a sketch of the artwork for the assignment at Ribbaskolan in Gränna.



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